Corn is one of the many foods which have been known on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid. It is also known to exist on Earth, where it is more commonly known as "maize," except in a few parts of the world; it's unclear why the less common Terran word "corn" is used on the Land.

Corn is a grain plant which grows on stalks, which may contain several "ears" of corn. These ears are made of a core called a "cob," which is surrounded by many small, edible kernels. The ear is covered by long filaments called "cornsilk," which is itself covered by a husk. After the corn has been picked, each ear must be "shucked," that is, the husk and cornsilk removed. Ears may then be boiled whole, and the kernels eaten directly off the cob. Other uses require sending the corn to grist mills, to extract the kernels, which may be used as seeds to grow new corn plants, fed to livestock, or distributed to shops for customers to cook as "whole kernel corn." Kernels may also be dried and hardened, so that they may later be heated, which causes them to explode into puffs called "popcorn." (It is common to add salt and/or melted butter to popcorn, for extra flavor. It may also be covered in caramel, melted cheese, or various herbs or spices. An alternate method of preparation includes adding salt and sugar during the popping process, which is done in a large kettle; such popcorn is called "kettle corn.")

Mills can also grind corn into a flour called "cornmeal," which is used in baking, porridge, and made into tortillas (which can be either soft or hard, used as a kind of bread or chips), or breakfast cereal. Cornmeal may also be used in making xocolatl. Corn can also be used as a source of cooking oil, and can be made into liquor. Another product derived from corn is corn starch, which may be used as a thickening agent or anti-caking agent in various foods.

There are several different varieties of corn, each of which may be used for different purposes (some for human/elven consumption, some for livestock feed, some for popcorn, some for making liquor, etc.) There are several variants of each type, as well. The most common color for corn on the Land is yellow (as opposed to white, on Earth), though white corn, as well as a variety which contains a mix of yellow & white kernels on the same ear, are becoming increasingly popular in some villages.

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