Human male, born LY 819, in Sorret. Died 889. Grand Sorreter (839-889).

Coman (pronounced 'kōm·än) is remembered as both the youngest appointed (age 20) and longest sitting (50 years) Grand Sorreter in history. (He was apprenticed to Errol at age 12, in 831, and graduated to adept status in 835. He became a master-adept in 838, shortly before his old master died.) The spell he used in 839 to qualify for the position of Grand Sorreter was a variable gravitational field. At first the practical application of this seemed dubious; it seemed to be just a new way of flying, which is something that had already been done for a few hundred years. Nevertheless, he convinced the Council of Magicks that it could be combined with other spells to create any number of combination spells which had heretofore been infeasible. For example, fifty-two earlier, an intangibility spell had been created by Nyza. However, it was quickly realized that if a person or thing was made intangible, there would be nothing to stop it from falling through whatever surface it was resting on, whether floor, ground, etc., and be drawn toward the center of the planet. However, Coman's gravitational field allowed the caster to consciously control the way in which gravity acted upon himself or objects within a force field. He demonstrated this combination spell by making himself intangible and walking through a wall.

This, however, required a tremendous amount of mana. He continued working on new spells as Grand Sorreter, eventually developing a mana battery, in 842, which could be imbued with mana and used to power spells for longer than a caster could do on his own.

In 845, Coman developed a new use for force fields: by using mana batteries to power them, they could be made virtually permanent, to protect a given location from magical attack as well as prohibiting physical entrance. The spell he developed also prevented anyone from translocating into a room protected by such a barrier, unless the beacon they used were imbued with a sort of "key code" that allowed passage through the force field.

In 859, he developed a combination spell called the cylinder of invisibility which put up a force field around the caster, rendering everything inside the field invisible, inaudible, and intangible.


This is a far from complete list of apprentices Coman had over the years.

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