Coffee is a plant which has been cultivated on The Land since the time of Connor and Brigid. It is found throughout the tropic zone, and is grown commercially in every village of First Land, as well as the East Isles, Tanq, Triscot, Ristar, and Woodstockade. The plant, which is known to exist on Earth, is spelled "coffea" there, though the beverage it is used to make is spelled "coffee." For ease of reference, both plant and drink are spelled "coffee" on the Land. The plant produces berries, which contains seeds that are called "beans," in spite of not truly being beans. After being picked, coffee beans are fermented in water for two days, then washed and dried in the sun. The husk is then removed, and the beans are roasted. Finally, they're ground into a powder, through which water is filtered to produce the beverage. Coffee can come in a number of roasting grades, from light to dark, which affects both the color and flavor of the beverage. While coffee may be drunk plain, it is common to add milk and/or sugar. It is also common to add ice after brewing, to make a drink called "iced coffee."

Coffee contains a high degree of caffeine, a stimulant which makes the beverage popular to drink either in the morning (to help prepare one for the day's work) or at any time of day when one might be tiring, but in need of remaining awake for an extended period. There is also a process of decaffeination, which removes the caffeine from beans prior to roasting. (This caffeine may then be used in the production of soft drinks.) Decaffeinated coffee is most commonly drunk late in the day, when one doesn't want the drink to make it difficult to get to sleep.

Prittian coffee is a method of preparation originally done in Pritt. It is based on the same method referred to on Earth as "Turkish coffee." The method consists of grinding roasted coffee beans into a fine powder, which is heated (possibly without boiling, or just until boiling begins) in a pot of water, allowing the flavor to be absorbed before pouring into a cup. Sugar and possibly cardamom may be added to the coffee powder before immersing it in the water. After the coffee is finished cooking and is poured, dregs will settle to the bottom of the cup; these dregs are not to be consumed.

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