The Coast Guard consists of eleven fleets (as of 916), and is headquartered in Ship. It is commanded by Admiral Thaddeus Coastal.

The Coast Guard became its own official organization in LY 371. For several years prior to that, it had been a branch of the local police departments of various coastal villages, starting with Ship. The branch was created in response to an outbreak of piracy of the trading lanes that had sprung up around 362, as various port villages had been founded subsequent to the founding of Ship itself, in 360. Ship's Coast Guard police division was first organized late in 362, and other villages' police departments soon began organizing such divisions of their own. In 371, the Coast Guards of all the villages that had one broke off from the police to form their own inter-village organization. They continued to patrol the trading lanes in the coming centuries, and due to their efforts piracy greatly declined. During the Coming of the Order, various members of the Coast Guard helped train the navies that were being raised in Port and Near Port. The Coast Guard also served as an inspiration for the creation of InterVil, though the form taken by that organization was much simpler than that of the Coast Guard (which itself was much simpler than the Navy would ultimately become).

There was some talk, both during and immediately after the end of the Coming, of incorporating the Coast Guard either into the Navy, or as a third branch of the Military. However, it has retained its independent status, much like the police, and currently serves all villages of The Land, without regard to nationality. Though it is considered somewhat ironic that the United Villages of the Chaos was established thanks in part to pirates, who played a significant role in forming the Chaos Navy.


The head of the Coast Guard is an admiral, a rank equivalent to that of Admiral of the Navy. Each village has its own fleet or task force, commanded by a rear admiral. Each ship is commanded by a captain, and depending on the size of the ship may also have a commander. Also depending on the size of the ship there may be one or more lieutenants. The lowest rank, as in the Navy, is simply "sailor." There are two Naval ranks which do not exist in the Coast Guard: Commodore and ensign.

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