The first circus on The Land was established in LY 564, by Lyta of Olek. The idea is based on a subword from Earth. A circus is performed by a troupe, whose members may specialize in various forms of entertainment. The troupe is led by a ringmaster. Lyta herself was an acrobat; such people perform gymnastics as well as using various equipment such as a "tightrope" and a "trapeze." Other performers include clowns, animal trainers, magicians or illusionists, musicians, and occasionally other types of acts, including exhibitions of sports such as archery or fencing.

Early on, animal acts were not well defined, and that aspect of the circus was little different from zoos, which had existed on the Land for at least two centuries prior to the introduction of circuses. However, over the years trainers began teaching animals to perform tricks. In the late 590s and early 600s, circuses' animal acts gained a new level of popularity when, following the revelation of the existence of mythical creatures, some of them began to be included in circus acts. While all such creatures are popular, the most iconic mythical creature to be used in any circus is the manticore. It's said that manticore-tamers are similar to lion-tamers of Terran circuses, but in fact manticores are considerably more dangerous, and therefore more thrilling to watch.

"Magicians" is a term first used among circus folk to refer to Sorreters, who would perform real magic (unlike the magicians of Earth). While the fact that Sorreters practiced magic was well known throughout the world ever since the founding of Sorret in 271, it was rare for anyone outside Sorret to ever meet a Sorreter or see real magic performed, prior to the Coming of the Order in the 900s. Circuses provided one of the earliest opportunities for the people of other villages to see just a bit of the sort of things that were being learned by Sorreters, and as such they were a popular part of circuses, beginning in 568. It should be noted that after the Coming, when elves rejoined human society and people began to learn more about them (including that they used the term sorcery instead of sorretry), some people also began using the word "magician" to refer to anyone who used magic, without regard to race. (The Term refers to merfolk witches and warlocks, as well.) However, even before the first circus, there were people called illusionists who performed fake magic tricks. After the introduction of magicians in the circus, the term began being applied incorrectly to illusionists (though on Earth, this would not be inappropriate).

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