Human female, born LY 872, in Plist. Protestant bishop of Plist (903-913)

Christina (known to her friends as 'Christie') comes from a family that has always considered itself religious, though as far as any of them are aware, she's the first person in her family's history to become a spirit-talker. Her relatives are mostly hunters, and what they are best known for hunting are wild boars. The family also includes butchers, who sell meat from the boars and other game, as well as tool makers, who use the boars' bristles to make various types of brushes (hair brushes, paint brushes, tooth brushes, etc.) Some of the brushes use other types of hair, which they may acquire from farmers or ranchers. It's because of this occupation that the family chose the surname 'Brushmaker,' in 904.

Christie first began spirit-talking at age 15, in 887. By age 20, she'd officially become a junior spirit-talker in her district's church. In 902, Bishop Therman split from The Order to found the Protestant Movement, and became the first Protestant Arch-bishop. He named Virginia the first Protestant bishop of Plist. Before long, many of the churches of Plist's various districts had joined the Protestant Movement, but the biggest holdout in the village was the church to which Christie belonged. Its vice-bishop, Violet, replaced Therman as Plist's Orthodox bishop. While some of Plist's churches simply converted to Protestantism, the Protestants of some districts built new churches, as rivals to the existing Orthodox churches. However, Bishop Violet used her influence to prevent any Protestant churches from being built in her district. Therefore, when Christie decided to become a Protestant herself, she moved to Therman's district, becoming its vice-bishop. When Virginia became the new Protestant Arch-bishop in 903, Christie was appointed the new Protestant bishop of Plist. She felt herself too young (31) for such a high position, but she was only two years younger than Virginia, so she decided it must be alright. Since then, she's done her best to maintain cordial relations between the Protestants, the Order, and Independents, within her village.

In 913, Bishop Violet finally agreed to allow a Protestant church to be built in her district. At that time, Christie decided to move back to her home district, and became the new church's vice-bishop, at age 41. This meant retiring as Protestant bishop of Plist, and that position passed to Ginger Protestant (the daughter of the late Therman). Ginger continues to think of Christie as the real bishop, however, and often seeks her advice on various spiritual matters.

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