Chickens are birds which are largely incapable of flight. They exist virtually everywhere on The Land, and it has been said by spirits that they might well be the only species of animal which exists on every planet in the Universe. On the Land, they have been domesticated since the time of Connor and Brigid, and are used for both their meat and their eggs. Male chickens are called "cockerels" and females are called "hens." Young chickens are called "chicks."

There are many methods of cooking chicken. Whole chickens may be roasted. Individual pieces- wings, legs, thighs, breasts- may be grilled or deep-fried. Bite-size pieces may be included in stir-fried dishes (with rice, peppers, spicebulb, etc.) Medium-size segments may be skewered and grilled (this is called "yakitori"). And there are any number of other methods.

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