Cherries are a drupe, that is, a type of fruit with a fleshy outer skin surrounding a pit. It is known that there are numerous varieties of cherry on Earth, though it is not certain whether any of that world's cherries are precisely the same as any of The Land's two varieties of cherry which have thus far been discovered. On this world, cherries are simply either "sweet" or "sour"; it's said that Earth's various cultivars mostly if not entirely fall within these two categories, though it's unknown exactly how much variation this actually entails. While sweet cherries have been known since the time of Connor and Brigid, occurring naturally in the area around First Village (and later discovered in or transplanted to other areas around First Land and the East Isles), sour cherries weren't discovered until the founding of Triscot in LY 771.

Sweet cherries are commonly eaten raw, as a snack, or they may be used as a flavoring in sencha, a topping on or ingredient in ice cream, dango, or other confections, and may be used in cooking various dishes. They may be made into a sauce, soft drinks, etc. Sour cherries are rarely eaten on their own, but may be used in cooking or the production of kriek lambic.

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