This article is about the Navy of the United Villages of the Chaos. For the Navy of First Nation, see Navy.

The Chaos Navy consists of three fleets (as of LY 916), and is headquartered in Tanq. It is commanded by Admiral Alphonse Teach.

In 912, Darius Lonewander was building a rebellion against the Second Order, which he referred to as The Chaos. In early Sp'mo' of that year, he went to Shanty to contact Alphonse Teach, who had formerly served in the Protestant navy during the Coming of the Order, and who was currently captain of a pirate ship called the Woodsorrow, on which Lonewander's cousin Cara MakeDo was a junior officer. He asked Teach if it would be possible to organize various pirate crews into a navy to serve in the Chaos rebellion, should it prove necessary. Teach looked into the possibility, and by the time the Chaos War started in Aut'gin of that year, a small navy had in fact been assembled. This navy played an important part in fighting the forces of Demos Royal, alongside those members of the Second Order's own Navy who were loyal to Marshal Poss Primus. When the United Villages of the Chaos was established in 913, Teach's navy became the basis of the official Navy of the new country, and Teach became its Admiral. However, he had to relocate from Shanty to Tanq, which was among the villages that had seceded from the Second Order.

Fleets of the Chaos NavyEdit

This list reflects information as of LY 916. (Fleet totals rounded to nearest 100 sailors):

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