The century plant is a variety of agave which was first discovered upon the settling of Sorret in 271. The plants were later also found growing in the areas where Jump Village and Tanq were founded. Over the years, they have been successfully transplanted to various other villages around The Land, though it is still most common to see them in the three villages where they occur naturally. It is known that there is a plant on Earth which is referred to as a "century plant," which is also a variety of agave, and is believed to be indistinguishable from Landian century plants. However, Terran century plants are known to typically live between 10 and 30 years, while Landian century plants actually live for 100 years. Like Terran century plants, the Landian species flowers only at the end of its life cycle. Curiously, all attempts to control the start of a century plant's life cycle have failed. The seeds are only viable in the first year of a calendar century (that is, a year ending in 01, though it is not uncommon to think of this as the second year of a century). While it is possible for a century plant to die prior to the hundredth year of a century, none has ever been known to outlive that year. It should be noted that the growth rate of Landian century plants differs from that of the Terran species; both planets' varieties reach heights of around 26 feet by the end of their life cycle, but due to the longer life span of the Landian variety, this means that this planet's species grows considerably more slowly.

Like other species of agave which exist on the Land, it is possible to use century plants for various purposes such as fibre for ropes or thread, as well as nectar for sweetening foods or drinks, it is rare to actually do so, as the plants are kept mainly for ornamental purposes.

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