#905 Census

The Census law was passed by the lower court system on 8 Win'yet, LY 904. It was actually part of the larger law passed that day which established the original structure of the World Council and all its various departments. The Census law declared that once every ten years, a census would be taken of all the citizens of the Second Order, so that there would be a public record, for the first time in the history of The Land, of exactly how many people there were on the planet. (Prior to this there had been occasional estimates of population growth over the centuries, but these were based on statistical probabilities rather than hard data.) The census would also include basic information about citizens' age, village of residence, village of birth, and occupation. It would be carried out by the Treasury Department, for purposes of determining how much money the government could anticipate receiving in taxes, and thereby figure out how this projected income might best be allocated. The First Census was conducted in 905, and included data on humans, elves, and merfolk.

It should be noted that there are undoubtedly people who were never counted by the census-takers, including those without a permanent address (wanderers main, though in spite of an effort to include 'Rats in the census, many of them are expected to have slipped through the cracks, as well), and those who reside in communities not recognized by the government (the most prominent of these being Shanty). It should also be noted that even as the First Census was underway, humans were beginning to move to Woodstockade, though none of them were yet counted as residents of that village, whereas there were already elves who had moved to human villages before the census began. Also, recently new villages have begun being settled, which has significantly reduced the populations of several older villages. All these issues will be addressed by the Second Census, which is to be conducted in 915. However, there is some question as to whether it should be done by a single, independent agency, or by separate agencies of First Nation, the United Villages of the Chaos, Sorret, and West Ocean.

905 CensusEdit

Adults Children Totals
1. First Village 40,862/308 20,439/151 61,301/459 (61,760)
2. Tonad 26,755 13,383 40,138
3. Sorret 26,401/722 13,388/183 39,789/905 (40,694)
4. Ship 22,070 11,053 33,123
5. Kurok 11,777 5888 17,665
6. Frinn 4853 2455 7308
7. Toobay 6103 3063 9166
8. Olek 11,214 5603 16,817
9. Pritt 13,333 6609 19,942
10. Shipsister 27,071/244 13,611/52 40,682/296 (40,978)
11. Jump Village 13,411 6715 20,126
12. Tanq 17,398 8608 26,006
13. Monab 11,810/121 5971 17,781/121 (17,902)
14. Plist 33,433/164 16,841/74 50,274/238 (50,512)
15. Triscot 16,592/52 8334/23 24,926/75 (25,001)
16. Woodstockade 4211 2003 6214
West Ocean 5105 2902 8007
First Sea 1103 613 1716
17. Ristar 7100/54 3576 10,676/54 (10,730)
18. Kimrin 11,798 5909 17,707
19. Port 6862 3343 10,205
20. Near Port 14,236 7123 21,359
Humans 323,079 161,912 484,991
Elves 5876 2486 8362
Merfolk 6208 3515 9723
Total population 335,163 167,913 503,076

Villages are listed in order of their founding. "Children" are defined as anyone not in possession of all four stamps on their adult license, and the term is not an indication of age. The majority of numbers in this chart represent humans. Those in West Ocean and First Sea refer to merfolk. Those in Woodstockade refer to elves; in all other cells, if there are two numbers, the first refers to humans and the second to elves (a third number, in parentheses, refers to the total of humans plus elves).

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