Human male, born LY 728, in Sorret. Died 790. Grand Sorreter (767-790).

Cazzul (pronounced kä·zo͞ol) is best remembered for banishing his former friend Roderick and the First 50 Elves, in 773; or at least, that is how he has been remembered since the descendants of those elves returned to human society in 903, during the Coming of the Order. Prior to that, few people on the Land (particularly outside Sorret) were even aware of the existence of elves. It is generally assumed that the reason for the banishment was that Cazzul was hurt by the fact that his close friend had kept such a huge secret from him for so many years. However, he needed a better reason to take any official action, and so he went to Arch-bishop Prax, calling the existence of elves an abomination against God. It is also rumored that Cazzul informed Prax of some secret incident which had transpired perhaps a century or more earlier, though there is no consensus as to the precise nature of this incident, nor is it known whether there was any such incident at all, in reality. In any event, the matter of the elves did lead to discussions which would eventually lead to the establishment of the intelligence classification system in 774. Meanwhile, Prax left the matter of how to deal with Roderick and the elves up to Cazzul. The Grand Sorreter therefore changed tactics from religious grounds to legalistic ones. He cited a rule which had been in place among Sorreters since 595, to report the creation of any new mythical creatures to the World Science Council. Roderick had clearly not done this, having raised the elves in secret for 21 years before revealing their existence to Cazzul and the Council of Magicks. Even so, it wasn't technically a law, so no legal action could officially be taken. Nevertheless, the Council of Magicks supported Cazzul's request that Roderick and the elves be banished from Sorret and its surrounding forests. It was further implied that, while they were free to move to any other village, their lives might be made uncomfortable, which is why they decided to move away from human civilization altogether, and founded their own village, Woodstockade.

Until 903, Cazzul was best known for the spell that qualified him to become Grand Sorreter. In 766, he demonstrated the translocation of inanimate objects, a spell which quickly redefined the word "conjuration" (a much older spell which had been developed by Murray in 275). In spite of the fact that Cazzul was the first Sorreter to develop translocation, that word is most commonly associated with a spell developed by Nyza, who succeeded Cazzul as Grand Sorreter.

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