Cattle are an important livestock animal, with various purposes. They can be trained as draft animals (in which case they are called "oxen") for pulling plows or wagons. Their hides can be used in making leather, for clothes, shoes, and various other commodities. They can also be used for meat and dairy. Male cattle are called "bulls" and females are called "cows," the latter of which is sometimes mistakenly used synonymously with "cattle." Young cattle are called "calves" (plural of "calf").

Cattle are known to exist in essentially identical form on Earth as they do on The Land, and are mostly used there the same way as here (though perhaps Terrans find even more uses for cattle than Landians do). It should be noted that cattle were not discovered on the Land until LY 225. The earliest herds of cattle known to Landians roamed across Drop River Pass, at the northern point of which (just south of where Drop River emerges from underground) Tonad was founded. There were no cattle anywhere in the vicinity of First Village, where the Land's people originated. Until cattle were discovered, the only draft animals were striders, which had been discovered in 150. After the discovery of cattle, a new design of harness was developed, which differed from those used to hitch striders to plows and wagons. Striders are still used for faster travel between villages than with oxen, but oxen have come to be used a bit more commonly for plowing and for longer-term trips such as exploration or relocating. The milk derived from cattle has also proven to be a popular alternative to that of curlycoats, from which people obtained milk since the time of Connor and Brigid. The meat of cattle has likewise proven popular, though that of curlycoats also remains as well liked as ever. The leather derived from cattle is also in many ways superior to the plant-based materials (such as qutn) and curlycoat wool which were used earlier, though those materials remain an important part of tailoring and shoemaking.

In the time since cattle were first discovered outside Tonad, other herds of the animal have also been found throughout the southern half of First Land and in many areas of Near Land. They have also been transplanted to just about every settled area where they don't occur naturally.

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