Human male, born LY 844, in Tanq. Chief of Tanq's police (878-909).

Carson came from a family who owned and operated the largest fish market in Tanq, hence their choice of the name "Fishmonger" when the surname law was passed in 904. However, Carson himself joined the local police department in 862, at the age of 18. In 864, he married his girlfriend, Kelly; in 867, they had a son, Brian. By the age of 30, Carson had worked his way up to become his district's deputy chief, and four years later, he was elected chief of police, a position he held for 31 years, before retiring in 909, at age 65.

In 899, he helped organize InterVil, to which he appointed one of his deputy chiefs, Callum Monogwrangle, as his village's liaison in First Village. When Carson retired in 909, he recommended another of his chief deputies, Quinn Darkstrider, as his replacement, and the public followed this recommendation by voting Darkstrider in as the new chief of police. In 911, Carson's son Brian helped establish a new branch of The Syndicate in Tanq, having often heard his father's lamenting the fact that there were never enough police to deal with all the crime, ever since LandOrder and InterGang had opened branches in Tanq. Quinn Darkstrider remained close friends with Carson and his family, including Brian, and engendered a spirit of cooperation between the police and the Syndicate, in that village.

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