Human female, born 27 Aut'mo', 894, in Triscot, to Brik and Lua. Older sister of Doog. Member of the Chaos Navy.

Both her parents were killed in the Battle of Triscotn 903, when Cara was nine years old. From that time on, she and her brother were raised by the Lonewander clan, who were in hiding. In 911, at age 16, Cara joined the crew of the pirate ship Woodsorrow, under the command of Alphonse Teach. After a few months, she became a junior officer and was told she'd have to choose a surname. She said she'd rather make do without one, and because of that, she was given the name "MakeDo."

In 912, Cara's clan was reunited with her cousin Darius Lonewander, who was organizing a rebellion against the Second Order, called The Chaos. Cara introduced Darius to her captain, who agreed to organize a navy from among various pirate crews, including his own. Cara became a lieutenant in the Chaos Navy.

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