Cannabis is a plant which grows in abundance in many areas of First Land, as well as Midds Land. Since the time of Connor and Brigid, its fibre (known as "hemp") has been used in the making of textiles such as clothing, canvas, rope, and thread. In the years since then it has found use in various products such as paper, bags, sails, etc. Hempseed can also be pressed into oil, which may be used in inks and paints, lubricants, soap and shampoo, as well as being used in cooking. Hemp has also been used in medicines made by some apothecaries for the treatment of pain, nausea, and depression. (Medical cannabis was among the numerous traditional drugs granted approval by the Health Department upon its establishment in 913.)

It has been said that on Earth, hemp has been used as a recreational drug, though it is unknown whether this application of the plant has ever been employed on The Land. (Certainly, such instances, if they occur at all, would be quite rare.) There is, however, currently no specific law against such use.

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