Human male, born 31 Win'yet, LY 888, in Sorret. Younger brother of Lorraine Piper. Member of The Band and The Chaos. Ex-Sorreter; musician (fifer, songwriter); adventurer and spy.

Cam was apprenticed to a Sorreter named Jinno in 901, at the age of 13 (the same year Jinno became a master-adept, at age 25). In 903, before he had been studying magic long enough to become an adept, Cam disappeared, along with his older sister and all the other Protestant Sorreters, during the Battle of Triscot. (Cam himself had not taken part in the battle, having been in Sorret at the time, though his disappearance occurred at the same time as the Sorreters who disappeared from the battlefield.) Jinno had had no part in the Coming of the Order or the Protestant Movement, and remained in Sorret. It is assumed that in the years since his disappearance, Cam continued his education under a new master.

Sometime later, he returned to Landian society, using the alias "Cameron Piper." He was a wandering musician, a cover he used for his spying on behalf of the Protestant Sorreters (one of an unknown number of such spies). In 906, he became one of the founding members of The Band. In 912, he and his band-mates joined the rebellion known as The Chaos. Later that year, during the Chaos War, Piper was given a temporary commission as lieutenant by Poss Primus, and led a platoon of 50 ex-Sorreters in the Battle of First Village, while also serving as his people's liaison with Col. Montgomery Orthodox.

After helping found the United Villages of the Chaos in 913, Cameron returned to wherever it is the Protestant Sorreters had been living since their disappearance. Little else is known of his life, except that upon his return to the home of the ex-Sorreters, he attained master-adept status, and took on an apprentice named Magda Mysticist.


Cameron's birthday falls on "Quad Day" (see Holidays of the Land). This means he technically only has a birthday once every four years. (Author's note: 2-29-12, watching "Modern Family." Just now learned that that Cam's birthday is on Leap Day. I swear, I made up the fact that my Cam's birthday is on Quad Day long ago. I am not copying the show. Total freaking coincidence; I mean, unless the writers of the show stumbled across this wiki and were inspired by it, but I really doubt that....)

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