Human female, born 1 Su'gin, LY 890, in Tonad. Chief spy of LandOrder's Tonad branch.

Cabbit came from a middle class family, who in 904, when the surname law was passed, chose the name "Atwater," due to the fact that they lived near Drop River at the point where the river dropped below ground). In 907, her childhood friend, Jasp Underground, who had been a spy for LandOrder for several years already, became the chief spy of the Tonad branch of the gang. At that point, Cabbit was about 17, and beginning to look for a job. She knew Jasp was in a gang, and she she found out he'd been promoted, she asked if he'd consider hiring her. He was reluctant at first, unsure if she was cut out for that kind of life. However, she had long ago built up a protective mental well or shell, which Jasp had long been trying to tear down. In her youth, Cabbit had been very bold and outgoing; her family and friends would also describe her as "bubbly." But around the time she was seven years old, something happened that caused her to become shy and withdrawn, never taking risks. Now Jasp was somewhat surprised that she even asked for a job in a gang, and it occurred to him that it might actually be just the thing she needed to help her come out of her shell.

Progress in that vein proved slow-going, but Jasp never lost hope. She did, at least, learn to interact well with her fellow spies, not only in her own Tonad branch, but also she made friends among spies from other branches of LandOrder, such as Palzo Atwood, the chief spy of the Plist branch (she apparently found it amusing that their surnames were similar). Then, in 912, Jasp was assigned as a temporary liaison with The Chaos, travelling with the group and occasionally reporting back to LandOrder. In his absence, Cabbit surprisingly started assuming Jasp's managerial duties as a sort of substitute chief spy, to the amusement of her coworkers. However, they all soon realized she was actually quite good at such things, as did her boss, don Xander Breakhead. Meanwhile, she clearly began displaying the sort of bubbly and impetuous tendencies she'd so long repressed. After awhile, Jasp returned to his job, though sometime either later that year or the following year, he quit his job, for an unknown reason, and Cabbit was officially promoted to chief spy of the Tonad branch of LandOrder. Though Jasp moved to Triscot in 913, he is known to have stayed in touch with Cabbit, as well as a number of old friends from LandOrder. It is widely speculated among their friends that the two have romantic feelings for each other, though as of yet it is unclear whether anything will ever come of that.


Cabbit's birthday falls on "Synch Day" (see Holidays of the Land).

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