Human male, born LY 528, in Sorret. Died 580. Sorreter.

Buford was a member of a team of Sorreters who developed mythical creatures. He joined the project in 548, three years after the creation of the first species of mythical creature. By that time, a few other species had been created already. But while he went on to help in the development of several other species, he is best remembered for his involvement with two species: Kelpies and Kappa. He is also known for discovering a naturally occurring species in 552, which were named in his honor: Buford's spitters.

It was in fact Buford's idea to create kelpies. His original plan was to included DNA from seals and striders, and to release the new species into a river. It seemed important for it to be a river which didn't pass near any human settlements, and so Lake River was chosen. Buford led an expedition consisting of several members of the mythical creatures team, as well as several non-Sorreters (mainly sailors). They sailed from Sorret to the mouth of Lake River, and set up camp in the foothills of the Lake River Mountains, which is where they discovered the amphibians which came to be called Buford's spitters. This unexpected discovery inspired Buford to add DNA from the species into the mix which would bring about kelpies in 553.

In 579, Sorreters created a new mythical species called kappa. Before long, there were reports of kappa attacking humans, not only around Sorret, but also soon around Jump Village and Shipsister. In 580, Buford was among a group of Sorreters who attempted to relocate kappa, but the species proved elusive, and their efforts ultimately failed. In fact, Buford himself ended up being killed by a group of kappa. In later years, kappa would migrate even further, to other coastal villages. However, largely because of the failure to relocate kappa, Sorreters realized they must do whatever they could to move other potentially dangerous species away from areas of human habitation.

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