Human female, born 3 Aut'mo', 915, in Kurok, to Kuris and Lucia. Sister of Luni, Kar, Tor, and Matz.

Britannia (who goes by the nickname "Brit") was the first of her siblings to be born with the name "Aletheia" (ə'lēth·ē·ə), after her immediate family moved back to their home village of Kurok in 912. She was only the second of them to have been born in Kurok, the others having been born in Triscot, where they were in hiding with the Lonewanders since 903. Her parents and older brothers had all gone by the name "Lonewander" until 912. Her brothers actually chose the name "Britannia" for her, as she was born at a time when they were all fascinated with the history of Britain (a country on Earth), ranging from Arthurian legends to Earth's "World War II."

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