The Brills were a relatively minor single-village gang which organized in Tonad in 906. It is quite rare for any gang with aspirations of being considered "major" to have formed after the end of the Coming of the Order, though of course it wasn't that much later. The gang carved out for itself a fairly upscale niche, similar to that of The Agency in Jump Village, though there was little market for such services in a village like Tonad. It is commonly thought that the gang was formed in an attempt to show the world that there were people of intellect in Tonad, in spite of its reputation in other villages; a reputation which seems deserved because of the apparent unintelligence of a gang like Ass-Kickers Unlimited (or "Aku"). However, the truth is that the Brills originally formed when a local university student named Porter Cognoscente organized some of his fellow students (including Bradford Milkman) for mutual defense against the Aku, who'd been making trouble for them. Over time, the Brills grew in number, and became a serious rival of the Aku. But after a couple of years, the rivalry settled down, when the Brills' more refined niche proved not to interfere with that of the Aku.

One might have expected there to be greater rivalry with LandOrder Or InterGang's Tonad branches, though they took little interest in the upstart gang. The don of LandOrder in that village, Xander Breakhead, was at heart somewhat more like the don of Aku, Frag Topdog (although the two were enemies), and as such saw no reason to compete with the Brills. Meanwhile, the don of InterGang in Tonad, Larami Illuminatus, was of a mindset similar to that of don Cognoscente, and in fact was known to occasionally engage in cordial meetings with him, even thinking of him as a friend. It therefore came as no surprise when, in 912, the Brills were absorbed into the new gang Illuminatus organized, called the Illuminati. She even made Cognoscente the don of the Tonad branch of the Illuminati.

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