Branch River is the fourth river discovered on The Land, in LY 170, by a group of explorers sailing south on First River. Branch River branches off to the southeast of First River, about 350 miles north of the southernmost tip of that river. It runs for about 1600 miles before ending. Branch River divides First River Forest on the west from Valley Forest on the east. Between 505 and 508, a bridge was built at the southeast corner of the two forests, about 1000 miles from the point where Branch River branches off from First River. The bridge is used for travel between Plist and Monab.

Aside from the bridge, no one has any particular use for Branch River at this point in time. However, there has occasionally been talk of founding a new village on the southeast coast of First Land, as a port to be used by ships traveling between the continent and the villages on Name Isle, South Isle, and New Isle, which could be more convenient than sailing between those isles and Ship, on the northeast coast of the continent. Such a new port village would likely be at a point parallel to the end of Branch River, which is about 250 miles from the coast. This would allow easier access to both Plist and Monab, and potentially also First Village.

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