Elven male, born LY 889, in Woodstockade. Vampyre (Diurn'kin), member of LandOrder.

Brahm is the second vampyre created by Silas Des'Caina, after Girarg Blackshirt. Both of them were turned into vampyres by manipulating their DNA in vitro. They were the only two vampyres to have been created in this way; all others were sired years later by one of these first two vampyres (or by vampyres they had sired, and so on). Brahm is one of the few subjects of Des'Caina's experiments not to have been a foundling. His parents were associates of Des'Caina, though in what capacity is unknown. Their first names are also unknown, though it is believed that Brahm came by the surname "Des'Merrick" legitimately.

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