Boars are a mammalian species similar to curlycoats, which themselves are said to be a cross between Terran pigs and sheep. Boars, by contrast, bear no resemblance to sheep, but are quite similar to pigs. It is commonly said, however, that pigs do not exist on The Land, which is true. Boars might, however, be called "wild pigs." Technically, boars are known to be members of the pig family, though it is common for Landians to think of certain Terran things they've heard of in stories, in very specific terms. "Pigs" and "boars," in spite of their similarities, do have some minor differences, and are therefore typically thought of as entirely different animals. While the term "boar" may also refer specifically to male pigs, in the case of boars it refers to the whole species. Still, as is the case with Terran pigs, female boars may be referred to as "sows." Young boars are called "piglets."

Boars were first discovered upon the founding of Monab in LY 404, though they were later found to exist in various other areas, most notably in the forest outside Plist, as well as all of the East Isles. Boars are sometimes hunted for their meat, though many hunters consider them too dangerous. In spite of being smaller than some animals, such as bears, boars tend to be more vicious and stubborn, and will often continue attacking a hunter even after they have been wounded to the point their own death is imminent. The hair of boars is also sometimes used in making hairbrushes, paintbrushes, and toothbrushes.

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