Each village within the United Villages of the Chaos is governed by a Board of Selectmen, which is essentially the same as the village councils of First Nation. (The Secession Referendum of 913, which established the UVC, coincided with the election of every village's councils, and so for a time, the first selectmen were still referred to as councillors.) Boards consist of selectmen elected from each district of a village, for a term of two years (rather than three, as is the case with village councillors). These boards deal with matters internal to their own village, as well as enacting local laws (as long as they don't conflict with federal laws). Each board is headed by a Mayor, whose position is essentially the same as a Chief Councillor in First Nation. However, mayors' duties go somewhat beyond that, as they also have responsibilities similar to those of the Congressional High Councillors of First Nation.

Town HallEdit

The actual role of selectmen is to represent the wishes of the constituents of their respective districts. Once a year (or whenever necessary to address specific issues), there is a town meeting of the board of selectmen (who are often in contact with each other throughout the year). Prior to (or in response to) official town meetings, there may be unofficial "Town Hall meetings," in which the citizens of each district may gather, with the meeting being held by their local selectmen. These informal meetings usually occur in a local building which is not officially designated for political use, thus it is technically inaccurate to refer to them as Town Hall meetings. The tradition stems from the fact that prior to the establishment of village councils in the Second Order, there had for centuries been one building in each village officially called Town Hall, where the public would gather to vote on various issues. These Town Halls now serve as the meeting place of the Mayor and the board of selectmen, rather than the general public. However, the name continues, in an unofficial sense, to hold its old meaning of a public gathering to voice opinions on various matters. And it now serves as a way to let selectmen know the feelings of their constituents. It's also possible for citizens to contact their selectman in other ways, such as by mail or by visiting their office in person.

All of this is based on the desire of Darius Lonewander to make things, in some vague way, more like they used to be before the Coming of the Order. However, it's said that the actual idea for these Town Hall meetings came from his friend Lorelei Chicory. It's also recognized that in spite of returning more immediate power to the people, as in the old days, it's still more organized than it was in the old days.

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