Human male, born LY 879, in Sorret. Ex-Sorreter.

Bennet was apprenticed to Cirna in 894, at the age of 15. He graduated to adept level in 900, though even while he was still a student, he had been among the earliest group of Sorreters his master had recruited to support The Plan. While he believed in uniting the villages of The Land, he did not believe in some of the actions The Order was secretly taking, particularly those of Durell, who became the head of the pro-Plan Sorreters the year Bennet graduated. When Cirna was forced to unite her followers with Durell's, Bennet left the group. At first, he intended to take no part in the Coming of the Order. However, some time after Drag joined the Protestant Movement in 902, Bennet agreed to become a mole for the Protestant Sorreters, and rejoined the group now being led by Durell. Specifics of his activities during the Coming are unknown, but he was among those who disappeared during the Battle of Triscot in 903. Nothing is known of him past that point.

Bennet was always known to believe the Land was a much better planet than Earth, and failed to share most Landians' interest in that world. While he was aware that the people of Earth had long ago abandoned their ancient prejudices, he felt the Landian race to be inherently superior, because they were apparently incapable of prejudice in the first place. However, he considered Durell to be a prime example that certain Landians, particularly some of those who took part in establishing the Second Order, did in fact hold certain prejudices; if not racial, at least prejudices based on social status. He found this fact deeply offensive, and believed anyone who felt any form of prejudice must be insane. He was also occasionally known to say that someday he would find a way to prove the moral superiority of sane (by his defintion) Landians over Terrans, though it is unclear what he meant by this, if indeed he had any idea, himself....

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