The Battle of West Ocean, the first battle of the Chaos War, was a brief skirmish fought on 8 Aut'gin, LY 912. While there was minor damage to several of the ships involved, none of the ships were lost, and there were no casualties on either side. The battle took place in West Ocean, several miles off the west coast of Near Land, roughly 1200 miles south of Shanty. The Second Order's naval fleet of Woodstockade had left its home port on 25 Su'yet, on a mission to deliver that village's army regiment (commanded by Colonel Cynthia Grandview) to Triscot (by way of Shanty). However, the fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral Garrett Bridgebuilder, was ordered to change course before reaching Shanty, in order to attack a fleet under the command of Admiral Alphonse Teach, which was transporting recruits consisting of Protestants and rats from Triscot to Shipsister. Also on board were various leaders of the rebellion, including General Alecstar Inco. Bridgebuilder's fleet consisted of one cruiser (the Roderick's Revenge), two galleons, and four corvettes. Teach's fleet consisted of two frigates (including Teach's own Woodsorrow) and two corvettes. (One junk, the Darkfather, and four corvettes had previously been sent to Tanq to transport recruits from that village and Jump Village to Shipsister.)

The attack was halted when one passenger on the Woodsorrow, Emma Pseud, contacted her father, Zarrin Des'Lossin, via t-mail. Des'Lossin was the captain of the Roderick's Revenge, and, not wanting to be responsible for his own daughter's death, ordered his crew to cease fire. This order was countermanded by Bridgebuilder, but Des'Lossin's crew sided with the captain, and confined the rear admiral to his quarters. The Roderick's Revenge returned to Woodstockade, to sit out the war (Des'Lossin and his crew expected to face court martial for treason, but this never happened). Meanwhile, the other six ships in the Stockadian fleet continued the attack on Teach's fleet.

Soon thereafter, a second fleet from Woodstockade, commanded by Yoshi Des'Yoshi, attacked the naval fleet, which soon fled from the battle, continuing on its mission to deliver the army regiment to Shanty (under orders from Col. Grandview, who assumed command of the fleet in Bridgebuilder's absence). Des'Yoshi's fleet, which consisted of one galleon (the 73 Skidoo) and four frigates, joined Teach's fleet and continued on to Shipsister.

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