The Battle of Plist was fought from 19 to 23 Su'yet, LY 903, in Plist. It is considered one of the most important battles of the Coming of the Order. The month of Su'yet marked the first anniversary of the founding of the Protestant Movement. The meetings which had established the Movement in 902 were retroactively referred to as the first Protestant Pilgrimage, which would become an annual event (like The Order's annual Pilgrimage to Monab, each Su'gin since LY 406). However, it was believed by the army of the Order that the Protestants were using their second Pilgrimage to make plans for the ongoing war, which had begun two months earlier, in Su'gin of 903. This accusation was used to validate their decision to attack the Protestants in the midst of their Pilgrimage; though many would claim the information had been false, and that the Protestants had in fact declared a self-imposed moratorium for making any plans related to the war. While even the Order admits it is most likely that the Protestant Pilgrimage was predominantly religious in nature, it's impossible to believe the war wasn't at least discussed in abstract terms. Whether or not there is any truth to the claims of war planning under the guise of religious retreat, most people accept that a military strike was justified in any event, considering it ludicrous to suggest a war should just be paused for an entire month. Still, others see it as a double standard, considering that the Protestants had sworn never to attack Monab under any circumstances, considering it sacred ground at any time of year- not just during the Order's own Pilgrimage.

Many Protestants were killed in the course of the battle, including Therman, the founder of the Protestant Movement. Survivors fled to Triscot, where the next major battle of the war, the Battle of Elves' Ambush, would occur on 31 Su'yet.

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