The Battle of Near Port refers to one of two battles in two separate wars. The first, in LY 903, was one of the last major battles of the Coming of the Order. The second, fought from 17-28 Aut'gin, LY 912, in Near Port, was the first land battle of the Chaos War. It is also considered the first major battle of the war, though there had been a few minor sea battles prior to this.

On 13 Aut'gin, the majority of the Kimrin regiment, which had defected from the Army of the Second Order, began marching toward Near Port. The regiment was commanded by Col. Stavros Supprus and then-former Marshal Poss Primus (who would be reinstated as Marshal of the Second Order's Army after the war). Prior to the war, the Kimrin regiment had included 3300 soldiers, but at the start of the war, its number had been reduced to 3000. Three hundred soldiers, in two companies, had transferred to the Near Port regiment, under the command of Major Shirona Monogwrangle, a member of The Cabal. However, Supprus's ranks were bolstered by 300 rats (200 from Kimrin and another 100 from Near Port), all under the command of Taryn Hillrat, who had been given a temporary commission as sergeant. The ranks were further increased by 100 ex-Sorreters, led by Lorraine Piper.

They arrived outside Near Port on the 17th, and were immediately set upon by that village's regiment, under the command of Col. Charles Woodman and Gen. Tovan Middlebury (who were both members of the Cabal). Prior to the war, the Near Port regiment had included 4800 soldiers, but at the start of the war it had 5100, including Major Monogwrangle's two companies. This gave the Cabal's forces an advantage of 1700 soldiers, in addition to the home base advantage.

The battle raged on for the better part of twelve days. In the end, Supprus and Primus's forces were reduced to about 1000, while Woodman and Middlebury's were reduced to about 3700. On the evening of 28 Aut'gin, Primus surrendered to General Middlebury. He and his surviving men and women were taken as prisoners of war. Reportedly, Col. Woodman wanted to kill them all, but was ordered by Gen. Middlebury not to harm them.

Soon after the battle had ended, King Demos Royal ordered General Middlebury to take his remaining troops to First Village, to be transported by the Navy fleet from Port. This would prove impossible, however, as the war ended nine days later at the Battle of Port Sea, before the Port fleet could arrive at Near Port.

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