The Battle of Near Port was fought from 30-31 Aut'mo', LY 903, in Near Port. It was the penultimate major battle of the Coming of the Order, followed a week and a half later by the Battle of Triscot. The battle is sometimes referred to as the "Devil's Night Raid," a reference to an unofficial Terran holiday that takes place the night before Halloween (or in an older Terran term and current Landian term, Samhain, see Holidays of the Land). On the night of 30 Aut'mo', Protestant forces attacked Army headquarters as well as Near Port's naval base. While the assault was repelled by the end of fighting a day later, heavily casualties were suffered by forces on the side of The Order. Many historians claim it was this battle which strengthened the Order's resolve to end the war as swiftly as possible, thus setting the stage for the massive assault on Triscot.

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