"Tomato" refers both to the plant and the fruit it bears. It is known that on Earth there are various cultivars of tomato, none of which have yet been discovered on The Land. However, soon after the founding of Olek in LY 367, a uniquely Landian variety of tomato was discovered growing wild on New Isle. According to spirits who have tried the fruit, it's quite similar to Terran "Roma tomatoes," except that the flavor naturally includes a hint of basil, an herb which is not known to exist on the Land, but which on Earth is commonly paired with tomatoes. While basil tomatoes remain one of the chief crops of Olek, the plants have come to be grown commercially in many other villages. (As a side note, it is also known that on Earth, as on the Land, it is common to think of tomatoes as vegetables, since they contain less sugar than most fruit.)

Basil tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked, by themselves or as an ingredient in salads, stews, sandwiches, pizza, salsa, casseroles, etc. It can be made into soup, juice, ketchup, paste, or sauce; tomato sauce may be used as a topping for pizza or pasta, as well as an ingredient in various dishes.

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