Atlast Land

Atlast Land was discovered in 859, by an exploratory expedition that sailed south from Shipsister. It lies within the temperate climate zone, and straddles the border of West Ocean and East Ocean. Its northern coast is roughly 3300 miles south of First Land. Its coastline is about 3300 miles around, which makes it the smallest landmass to be considered a land (or continent). The western half of the northern coast of Atlast Land is covered by an unnamed forest; at the eastern edge of the forest, a village called Temporaneous was founded, though it was abandoned not long afterward. The continent's name was derived from someone in the expedition reportedly saying "At last, land," when the land was first spotted, after nearly a year of sailing.

In spite of the settlement being abandoned, the discovery of Atlast Land itself renewed an old debate from 853, as to whether Midds Land should actually be considered an isle, rather than a land. Atlast Land's own coastline was about half as long as that of Midds Land, so surely it should be classified as an isle. The debate continued into 860, even after Temporaneous had been abandoned. It was finally decided that since the landmass had already been named, the classification would stick. But from then on, any landmass with a coastline measuring any less than that of Atlast Land would be officially classified as an isle. However, when Rain Isle was discovered in 884, it was classified as an isle, in spite of having a longer coastline than Atlast Land (by about 400 miles). However, it had less land area than Atlast Land, which led to ongoing debates about whether landmasses should be classified based on area rather than coastline. The matter remains unresolved.

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