An asylum is a facility for the treatment of people who suffer from extreme psychological disorders, requiring them to be committed. The first asylum on The Land is the Royal Asylum in First Village, co-founded in late 912 by Tobias Blue and William Stream-of-Consciousness (with financial assistance from Callum Monogwrangle). Its name derives from the fact that the establishment of the asylum was a pet project of then-king Demos Royal. Over the years since then, some psychotherapists have questioned the ethics of such establishments, largely because it became common to admit rats, often for little or no reason other than the desire of the nobility (and upper middle class) to get them off the streets. However, since 913, the Health Department has made every effort to ensure that asylums and those who work there follow strict guidelines governing both the admission of patients and the treatment of them thereafter. In spite of rare instances of the system being abused (including a scandal involving Tobias Blue himself, in 916), asylums have increasingly come to be seen as beneficial for its patients. It has also led to certain refinements in the legal system, as some criminals may be declared insane, and therefore admitted to asylums rather than prisons.

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