Human male, born LY 337, in Tonad. Died 417, in Monab. Member of the ELC. Bishop of Monab (404-417). "The Book of Archibald" is the thirty-seventh book of the O'Gas.

At the age of 33, Archibald moved from his home village of Tonad, where he had been one of the most prominent spirit-talkers, to join the settlers of Shipsister in 370. He became that village's first bishop, and is credited with suggesting the designation which was eventually chosen to represent the people of that village. In 400, he joined Malcolm, the bishop of First Village, as well as various other spirit-talkers from around the world, in working against the Prophet Movement. At some point during the struggle, he suggested founding a new village to serve as a center of religion for all of The Land. They founded Monab in 404, and Archibald became its first bishop (which for the first time became an official rather than an honorary position, upon the creation of a hierarchy among spirit-talkers). He held the position until his death in 417. In 406, he organized the first Pilgrimage, and the building which was constructed as the primary meeting place for this Pilgrimage was named Archibald Hall, in his honor.

Along with Malcolm (who became the first Arch-bishop, Archibald is considered one of the two most prominent founders of The Order. There are those historians who suggest Archibald very well could have become Arch-bishop if he had so desired, but apparently he was content to remain a bishop. The suggestion has also been made that the reason for this was that he thought it would be silly for the Arch-bishop to have "Arch" in his own name, though other historians call this argument silly, itself. (A common joke which began around 905 is that if it was true, the feeling Archibald had held clearly was not shared by the current Arch-bishop, Talak, who chose the name "Archman" for himself when the surname law was passed in 904.)

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