Human female, born 21 Sp'gin, LY 895, in Plist, to Gidget and Zip. Musician and inventor.

Anja is best known as a member of the band Black Radly, which formed in 911. She plays the dulcimer, and less frequently an instrument called a microlliope, which she designed and built herself. It is the only one of its kind on The Land, and is based on a larger instrument from Earth, called a calliope. (The microlliope is much more portable, though the sound is also not as loud as that of the calliope.) Over the years, Anja has also created a number of other inventions, perhaps most notably a system of serving beer from kegs rather than casks. In 914, based on an idea which was said to have originated with Frank Numbercrunch, she figured out how to store compressed gases such as carbon dioxide in cylinders, using piston pumps. Compresed carbon dioxide may then be used to drive the beer through a tube from the keg to the tap. This system was first utilized at the Boar & Bear, a tavern run by George Taverner, who is the uncle of Anja's bandmate, Marc Protestant. Anja later used compressed air in a redesign of the microlliope. Her system of compressing and storing gas has since been used by other inventors in a number of applications.

When the surname law was passed in 904, Anja's parents chose the name "Frontrun," because of her father's renown as a gold-medalist runner in the first two World Fairs.

Anja began dating another of her bandmates, Jae Furthingtame, shortly before the band first formed. They are still known to be a couple, though they have never declared whether they have married, or have any intention to do so.

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