Human male, born LY 871, in Sorret. Chief Sorreter of LandOrder's Triscot branch.

Angus comes from a clan which owns the first soft drink bottling company on The Land, founded in Jump Village in 806 by a spirit-maker named Lee. The first soft drink they bottled occurred naturally at Lymon Mists; they merely added some additional sou'cit flavoring and sugar. In the years since then, Lee's company began producing various other flavors of soft drink, and also inspired people in other villages to start their own soft drink companies. When the surname law was passed in 904, the clan chose the name "Lymon" for themselves, after the first beverage produced by their company, almost a century earlier.

In 865, Angus's parents (one of them was Lee's grandson) moved to Sorret to open a new distribution center for their company. Six years later, Angus was born. By the age of 14, in 885, he had decided he wanted to become a Sorreter. He became the first apprentice of Virtiana, who had attained master-adept status that year. Angus graduated to adept status in 897, and the following year, he was recruited by Virtiana's husband, Durell, as a supporter of The Plan. In 899, Durell began sending out Sorreters to work with gangs in other villages. Angus was sent to Triscot, where he met Cherilyn, and became a member of the sorretry department in her branch of LandOrder.

Angus also became an employee of Cherilyn's tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon. In 902, he developed a green tea flavor of soft drink for the shop, and passed the recipe on to his clan for bottling. While not as popular as most other flavors of soft drink, it has sold moderately well in several villages, and is more popular in Triscot, Sorret, and Monab. This led to his becoming a manager in 903. Two years later, when the original chief Sorreter retired, Angus was promoted to that position in the gang.

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