Human female, born 7 Aut'gin, 864, in Triscot, to Putt and Laina. Wife of Adam, mother of Darius and Nelly. Sister of Lance, Lucia, and West. Physician.

Named after her aunt, Alyn I, she was called "Alyn II" until the clan adopted the name "Lonewander" in 905. "The Second" was dropped at that point, because Alyn I had died two years earlier, in the Battle of Triscot, and never used the name Lonewander, herself.

Born into one of Triscot's most wealthy and prominent families, Alyn II could have chosen any career she desired. Like several women in her clan, including her mother, she chose to become a physician, and moved to Ship to study medicine in 883. While there, she met a trader named Adam, who she introduced to her father, Putt. Adam and Putt soon began doing business together. After completing her studies in 887, Alyn moved back to Triscot to begin her career. She married Adam later that year, on 30 Las'mo'. In 890, they had a son named Darius, and in 892, they had a daughter named Nelly.

Like the rest of her clan, Alyn became involved in the Protestant Movement, and was killed in the Battle of Triscot in 903. Or so it seemed. Actually, a number of deaths in the Lonewander clan were staged that day, and the survivors went underground. In the following years, Alyn became a businesswoman using the alias "Anne Veil." In 912, when her son Darius began his rebellion against the Second Order, the Lonewander clan came out of hiding, and became an important part of that rebellion.

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