Elven female, born LY 890, in Woodstockade. Vampyre (Diurn'kin), member of LandOrder.

Alexandria (who goes by the nickname "Alexia") is an orphan. Like many of the earliest vampyres, she was found on the streets of Woodstockade by Silas Des'Caina, who took her in and raised her, beginning in 895. At the same time, he took in a human girl named Amelia. Alexia was five at the time, and Amelia was four; neither of them had names, so names were given to them by Silas, who they both came to think of as their father. And more than any of the other children he took in, Alexia and Amelia considered each other sisters.

It is also known that the two girls think of Silas's old friend Merril RD as an uncle, and it was sometime prior to Alexia's siring (that is, being turned into a vampyre) that she was inspired by his surname (which stands for "Razzle Dazzle") to choose her own surname (which stands for "Super Duper"). All of the children Silas had taken in over the years were originally referred to by the surname "Foundling," a common name which may be applied to any number of people who are not actually related, much like "Protestant." Eventually each of Des'Caina's Foundlings was allowed to choose his or her own name, though apparently either they were not allowed, or chose not to go by the name "Des'Caina."

Alexia was sired by Brahm Des'Merrick in 912.

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