Human male, born LY 878, in Plist. Citrus orchardist.

Adolpho is current head of his clan's citrus orchard, which is mainly known for producing ha'cit fruit. He is particularly known for having developed The Land's first yellow ha'cit fruit in 910, the natural variety being pink (that is, the edible interior part of the fruit is normally pink; the outer peel of both the natural variety and the type Adolpho developed are both yellow).

The same year he created this new color of fruit, he is also known to have been one of the first people to utilize the services of The Syndicate, a sort of neighborhood watch group which has in the few years since its start, has spread to other villages and grown more powerful, even forming an alliance with various police departments. Until these two acts- developing a new variety of ha'citfruit and accepting the protection of the Syndicate from gang threats and racketeering- his clan's orchards had been in serious trouble, and the family was losing money. However, Adolpho defied the wishes of his uncle, Tobias Citman, who was until recently the head of the clan's business. Tobias was staunchly opposed to accepting the help of the Syndicate, considering them no better than gangsters, themselves. In the end, Adolpho's decision not only saved his family's business, it also helped popularize the Syndicate among other business owners, which greatly spurred the group's rise in prominence in Plist as well as other villages.

Author's note: I'm linking to this page from the LandOrder article, because Adolpho is that village's chief Adult. However, I don't list that among his jobs in this article, because Landian authorities don't know he's a member of the gang (if they did, he couldn't be an Adult).

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