200 Centhours is a monthly bubble-screen program, which began in LY 914. The title refers to the fact that its run time is two hours (or 200 centhours) long, though this includes commercial breaks. The show was co-created and is co-hosted by Soren Pinegrove and Lisa Donemore. It airs audio/visual recordings of various musical artists, as well as occasionally airing live concerts by such artists. Most of the music which is played on the show are by artists described as "new wave," a catch-all term for various musical genres reminiscent of those which became popular on Earth in that planet's 20th century (the most common of these genres being "rock & roll"). However, virtually any genre may be represented on the show. In addition to playing music, the show often includes interviews with many of these artists. Many new bands as well as solo acts have been featured on the show, including Black Radly, The Cephalopods, etc.

The show is usually recorded in Jump Village, to which the hosts travel from their respective home villages of Shipsister and Tanq each month. However, occasional installments may be recorded elsewhere, at concerts or nightclubs, such as No Other Alternative, the club where Pinegrove worked before becoming a bubblecaster.

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